Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bicyclist held up at gunpoint on Metropolitan Branch Trail

Another pistol-point mugging on the MBT, two days after a couple of other hold-ups, which were just a few weeks after a rash of earlier ones.  I see where the Metropolitan Police Department is doing its typical 'heck of a job' providing public safety.  I suspect that all of the damage Marion Barry did that institution has yet to be repaired.

To be fair, though, that one and a half miles of the MBT between Franklin Street and L Street NE is not easy to secure.  It isolated from the street, carries little traffic (and I'd imagine less now) and real handy to some seriously scary neighborhoods like Trinidad. Problem is, if you want to ride to Capitol Hill, etc. from Mount Rainier, the MBT is damn useful.  But me, until the MBT crime problem gets solved,  I'll take the surface streets (e.g. RI Ave-4th-Seaton-2nd-Eckington, etc)  I used to ride before it was built.  I don't mind mixing it up with cars. Guys with guns, not so much.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mt Rainier area cooling centers

It's supposed to stay real ugly hot the rest of the week, with possibly a 110 heat index on Friday.  My reaction aligns with Clay Davis'.   Brent Bolin has posted a list of the local Mount Rainier cooling centers. In addition, the County Exec's office posted a county-wide list, including the Rollingcrest-Chillum Community Center (6120 Sargent Road, Chillum, 301-853-2006) which is open until 9:00 PM.

Purple [Metro] Line inches forward

You'll recall that the Purple Line is that proposed 'light rail' (think: trolley) line that would run from Bethesda to New Carrolton, passing through Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and College Park. 

The WaPo reports that the University of Maryland has dropped its opposition to having the Purple Line run trains through campus along Campus Drive. 

Of course, there's still no funding for it, and the over-privileged in Bethesda don't want it, so don't buy your fares just yet.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Borders is liquidating; closing its remaining 399 stores

The end of Borders.  Yeah, not much to do with Mount Rainier, but it's still sad. I love a bookstore, even a corporate chain, and for a chain Borders was pretty good: deep, quality inventory and knowledgeable, helpful staff.

Most important thing is that 11,000 or so people will be thrown out of work, perhaps as soon as this Friday.  But on a personal basis, Borders' closing marks the passing of another chapter in my life.  It was a vivid part of raising our children.  Many Sundays we'd drive over to the Woodside Deli for dinner, and then over to the Borders in White Flint (Silver Spring had yet to be revitalized) where my son and daughter would get to make their own choices with their Christmas/Birthday/or-just-because Borders cards.  It innoculated them with the habit of buying books, which they later transferred to Vertigo Books in College Park, another victim of change.


Yes! Organic Market job fair this Friday, July 22.

Just down (south) the street from the Busboys and Poets opening today will be the new Yes! Organic Market.  They're hoping to open in the middle of August, but they're having a job fair this Friday, July 22nd onsite at the new store, 5331 Baltimore Ave in Hyattsville, 10am - 4pm. According to a staffer, they're looking to a hire "a whole store," managers, stock clerks and meat cutters. Here's the Yes! Organic Markets job application form.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Busboys and Poets *hopes* to open next week (July 19)

Busboys and Poets is hoping their Hyattsville location 'soft opening' (an unannounced, unpromoted launch) will be next Tuesday, July 19, but given Princes Georges County's elephantine business permit approval process, there are no guarantees that date will hold.  Busboys' Facebook page optimistically lists an Open Poetry for Thursday, July 21.  The location is 5331 Baltimore Ave. near the Elevation Burger.

Great sunscreen information

As I write this, a strong sun is beating down and I'm considering going for a bike ride.  Just in time the Information is Beautiful site has published a great infographic synthesizing everything you need to know about UVA and UVB sun hazards and sunscreen protection.  Often people don't apply enough, and if you scroll down you'll see a very useful diagram dividing the body into 11 zones, showing how by applying the amount of lotion on two fingers to each zone you'll get thorough protection.

[Note: this is an English site, and refers to lotions having a 'star' rating for UVA protection.  While US 'broad spectrum' sunscreens have UVA protection, they don't have the star rating system yet, though the FDA has recommended it.]

Also: Lifehacker recently published a good sunscreen feature as well.